Alaska Garden Clubs


2016  Alaska Garden Clubs Awards

Pacific Region Awards      

2a (ii) - Newsletter                                      2nd Anchorage Garden Club Alaska

#3c – Yearbook                                          1st $ 20.00 Anchorage Garden Club Alaska

#4a - Any Other Publications                       2nd Anchorage Garden Club Alaska

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#14a (i) -Standard Flower Show Schedule     1st $ 20.00 Fairbanks Garden Club Alaska

#14a (ii) -Standard Flower Show Schedule    1st $ 20.00 Anchorage Garden Club Alaska


National Garden Clubs      

#16  Yearbooks (Class 3  30-44 members) 1st  Anchorage Garden Club

#63 Website                                           1Di‐Alaska Garden Clubs

President’s Project-Bee a Wildlife Action Hero $250.00 to the garden club committing the largest percentage of public places to garden for wildlife in the preceding calendar year compared to the size of the club.

                                Winner: Fairbanks Garden Club Alaska


Alaska Garden Clubs       

#5 Blue Ribbon Garden Club          - Anchorage Garden Club

#10A-2 Youth Gardening by Club    - Fairbanks Garden Club

#11E Garden Therapy                    - Fairbanks Garden Club

#7 Yearbook

          Class 2 (20-29 members)    1st   Fairbanks Garden Club

          Class 4 (45-69 members)    1st  Wildflower Garden Club

#2 Scrapbook

           2nd  Wildflower Garden Club

           1st  Anchorage Garden Club          


#1 Garden Club of the Year          Anchorage Garden Club


Upcoming Events

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Tuesday Sep 12 - Saturday Sep 16
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