Anchorage Anchorage The Anchorage Garden club welcomes all! 121258257 Anchorage Blue Star Marker The Anchorage Blue Star Marker is located near Karluk Street where 5th & 6th Avenues come together. 121258258 Blue Star Marke The AGC installed and plants the Blue Star Marker each year. The marker honors people in the armed services. 136147933 Arbor Day Arbor Day at Begich Middle School. 136147932 136147937 Welcome to the flower show. 136147938 Flower Show The AGC has hosted an annual flower show for 68 years. 136147934 Horticulture at the 68th annual flower show held at the Alaska Botanical Garden. 136147935 Overall design winner at "Mythical Garden Creatures" flower show. 136147936 The club holds a picnic each year in July. Some years weather forces us inside. 136147939 Picnic discussion. 136147940 The plant sale is the AGC's main fundraiser for all of the community projects we do. 136147941 2011 Garden Tour 136147945 The Anchorage Garden Club finds 6-8 gardens each that are open for the public to view the last Sunday of July. The tour is free. 136147942 Garden Tour 136147943 2011 Garden Tour 136147944