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Welcome to Alaska Garden Clubs
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Alaska Garden Clubs (AGC) is a member of:

National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC)  165,000

members in nearly 5000 clubs and the

Pacific Region Garden Clubs                                                            (PR Facebook)




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Welcome to Alaska Garden Clubs                             

Clubs are located in Eagle River, Anchorage, Fairbanks


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NGC Fall Board Meetings

Sept 19 to 22   2022 St. Louis, MO

Sept 2023     St. Louis, MO

2024 TBD

Sept 15 to 18   2025 St. Louis, MO



Pacific Region Conventions

April 17-20  2023  Lynnwood, WA



NGC Conventions

May 16 to 19  2022 Orlando, Florida

May 2 to 5   2023 White Sulphur Springs, WV

2021  TBD

2025 Omaha, Nebraska




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Upcoming Events


Alaska Garden Clubs Convention & Tour

June 25th,  2022

Hosted by the Eagle River Garden Club

Club Meetings

Anchorage - 1st Thursday  7pm

Eagle River - 1st Tuesday March to November 7pm

Fairbanks - 3rd Wednesday 12pm