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Welcome to Alaska Garden Clubs
Member of National Garden Clubs, Pacific Region Garden Clubs


Alaska Garden Clubs (AGC) is a member of:

National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC)  165,000

members in nearly 5000 clubs and the

Pacific Region Garden Clubs                                                            (PR Facebook)




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Welcome to Alaska Garden Clubs                             

Clubs are located in Eagle River, Anchorage, Fairbanks


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NGC Fall Board Meetings

Sept 20-22, 2023     St. Louis, MO

2024 TBD

Sept 15-18, 2025      St. Louis, MO



Pacific Region Conventions

April 17-20  2023  Lynnwood, WA



NGC Conventions

​May 2 to 5   2023 White Sulphur Springs, WV

2021  TBD

2025 Omaha, Nebraska



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Upcoming Events


Club Meetings

Anchorage - 1st Thursday  7pm

Eagle River - 1st Tuesday March to November 7pm

Fairbanks - 3rd Wednesday 12pm