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National Garden Club Award Information           To state chairman by Jan 15th


Pacific Region Award Information                        To state chairman by Feb 20th 



State Awards Chairman    Carol Norquist



State Awards List                 State Awards To state chairman by 1 month before convention


State Awards Application



2023  Winners

Pacific Region Awards   

#2a-ii - Newsletter                                       1st Fairbanks Garden Club

#3b - Yearbook                                             HM Eagle River Garden Club

#3c – Yearbook                                             3rd Anchorage Garden Club

#4a-ii - Other Publication Membership     1st Anchorage Garden Club

#12a-ii - Garden Therapy                            3rd Fairbanks Garden Club


#16a-i - Native Flora Education                  1st Eagle River Garden Club

#17a-i - Youth                                              3rd Eagle River Garden Club

#18Ac-i - Social Media                                1st Alaska Garden Clubs

#18Bc-i - Website                                        1st Alaska Garden Clubs

National Garden Clubs      

MAE-6B  Membership Increase per capita   1st Alaska   

Alaska Garden Clubs  

Blue Ribbon Garden Club                 Anchorage and Fairbanks Garden Clubs

#4 Membership                                 Anchorage Garden Club


#7 Yearbook

         Class 2 (20-29 members)         1st Eagle River Garden Club

         Class 3 (30-44 members)         1st Anchorage Garden Club

         Class 4 (45-    members)           1st  Fairbanks Garden Club

#9B   Growing Project                      1st  Fairbanks Garden Club


#11B  Civic Development                 1st Fairbanks Garden Club

#11E Garden Therapy                       1st Fairbanks Garden Club

#13   Debbie Hinchey Civic            

         Enhancment                            1st Eagle River Garden Club

#2 Scrapbook                                    1st    Anchorage Garden Club

                                                           2nd  Fairbanks Garden Club

                                                           3rd   Eagle River Garden Club  


#1 Garden Club of the Year              Eagle River Garden Club

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